Devlog #2

In this edition dear Pachan, we’d like to introduce you to the start of the game and some of its mechanics.

The story of humanity

The creation of our world starts with Pacha, our goddess, mother of everything.

She lived peacefully, neither in light nor in darkness, for she is both. One day, she decided to start filling the canvas of the universe. She exhaled and from her breath came the dust that formed the stars and our world. She wept, and her tears filled the rivers and the oceans. She raised her hands and with that trees and plants reached for the sky. From her womb came all the animals that now roam the earth. Even after being exhausted from all the effort, she pushed once again and we, humans, emerged.

For generations and generations, we honored and lived by her. We split in small groups, staying in places just enough to fulfill our needs before moving somewhere else. Our life didn’t change much, we were used to that way of living. Although we had periods of hardships, we felt comfortable.

But Pacha had a purpose for us, a prophecy as old as this story.

Start of the journey

One of the things we’ve worked on this month has been the introduction to the game. Here you’ll learn about the prophecy and the purpose Pacha has for us. After a shaking event, a search party goes out to find a new land where we are to live our new life.

Plant Discovery

With no labs or microscopes, our only way as humans to find out if we could eat something was to try it. What does it taste like? Does it feel weird in my tongue? Is it similar to something else I know? Is my mom yelling at me: “Don’t put that in your mouth! It’s poisonous!!”?. Hints, trial and error, and instinct were the only tools we had.

In Roots of Pacha, to find a new plant that can be domesticated and later grown by the Clan you first have to explore the world and try to find a wild version of it. If you try the fruit and it’s good, you can keep its seeds and try growing them.

Water from the skies

Rain is a blessing from Pacha, and the Clan spends a lot of time making rituals to call for it. It deserved that we put some love into how it looks in the world. So we decided to implement ripples in the water when it’s raining.

Help us spread the love for farming and our own history (or a version of it)!

Some of the things we’ll be working on in June are animal taming and polishing the “ideas” system. So stay tuned and stay safe!

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